Think Like an Entrepreneur — Be Your Own Boss

People over the age of 65 have a strong desire to remain independent for as long as possible. Sometimes what the elderly need is simply a helping hand. Whether it’s help in getting Christmas presents bought, wrapped and mailed out, or finding someone to drive them to the grocery store each week, the need is there and ever-growing. The following is a guest post from Avky Inc co-founder Kyle Uchitel.

Sometimes a task as simple as taking out the trash can change a senior’s attitude about staying happily independent. A drive to the pharmacy, help changing a light bulb — it sounds far too easy but can make the difference in a senior’s self-esteem and happy factor! Decide if being an entrepreneur is the goal and if it is, go to the source at Entrepreneur online to see how to start, run, and succeed in a new business.

Be Your Own Boss as a Personal Shopper or Driver

Create a service offering excellent care to clients by delivering a variety of opportunities. Being a personal shopper or driver requires a very low overhead to start. Get a business card and begin sharing it with elderly neighbors, family or friends.

Decide whether to charge an hourly fee or a combination of an hourly fee and a percentage of gas used for driving. Some business owners do both. Keeping good records is essential, both in logging in hours and miles driven per client. Clients’ sizes, favorite colors and other important details are critical for a personal shopper.

The great thing about getting started in this kind of business is that once referrals begin circulating in a neighborhood, retirement home or assisted living facility, the opportunity to work will grow and expand quickly.

Be a Professional Organizer

If this is a skill that feels effortless, then perhaps helping others organize their kitchens, closets and garages is just exactly the right position to consider. Helping others get organized at home is a skill that people will definitely pay for.

The earning potential varies on what is being done. There isn’t a standard fee structure for this kind of work, but anyone can go online to the National Association for Professional Organizers to see what the options include. Know what to charge before agreeing to complete a project.

Develop a Business Plan

This makes everything much simpler to cope with. Knowing exactly what the service provided includes, along with operating costs and pricing is necessary before starting.

And while there are many templates and sample business plans to consider, make a new business plan with the help of the United States Small Business Administration. They assist new business owners, large and small, and offer details that cover all aspects of opening a new small business.

Legal Aspects of Starting a New Small Business

Don’t forget to consider contacting an attorney and a CPA before starting out. Register the name of the new business with the appropriate state, decide whether a business license is necessary, obtain a sales tax number (if charging sales tax to clients), and obtain a federal tax ID number if incorporating is desired.

Go to the IRS to search for a free Small Business Tax Kit which offers plenty of information on getting started.

Name the Company

Think of and choose a name for the business that will be a good marketing tool, one that sends out the first impression of who the company is and what is being offered. Make sure the name hasn’t already been used by checking with Direct Incorporation in a free search. Order business cards or print out any material after registering the new name of the company in your state.

Being an entrepreneur can be as simple as offering a few days a week to serve others while gaining financial stability. Whether it’s personal shopping, driving, or organizing, there is a large group of people waiting to be served and they are willing to pay for it.