Luxuriously Scented Candles that “agree with Green” and Can Make You Some “Greenbacks” Too

“It’s hard to explain, but I think it boils down to simplicity” says Frazier Scott, a newly indoctrinated distributor for a direct marketing company named Scent-Sations. “When people smell them they just can’t get enough”.

He refers to what happens to most people who smell the Mia Bella brand of gourmet candle. “From the moment you first smell the fragrances, you’re hooked”. “If you smell, I usually sell! It’s just that simple”. And “the business just grows from there”.

People evidently want more and more of these gourmet scented candles if company gross sales are any indication, doubling in size every year of it’s first five years in business. “We are at $10 million annual sales and growing fast” says Charlie Umphred, one of three partners who started Scent-Sations in 2002. So what’s the secret to their early success? “The mixture of ingredients, which is to take the worlds finest perfumes combined with the best environmentally friendly vegetable wax and mix them in a proprietary blend” (the secret formula) and you get, Mia Bella Candles. The sales are on track for the company to become a leader soon in the $2 billion per year candle industry.

I decided to write this piece because I too have been taken by the Mia Bella mystique, for two reasons. One, I like cinnamon buns so I asked to smell the “cinnamon bun” fragrance. To coin a phrase, “the smell literally made my mouth water”. I wanted to take a bite just to make sure it was truly a candle… lie. Two, I interviewed partner Charlie Umphred and top distributor Jackie Ulmer on my radio show. That show was my most listened to show to date, more than double the listeners than the number who listen to my Forex trading investment shows which always drew the most listeners until the Candle show.

I was flabbergasted. I refreshed the page to make sure I read the numbers right. From my personal experience with the Mia Bella product I knew, “this baby got legs”! Which is “Gary James speak” for, “there’s potentially some nice honest money to be made here”. But then I asked, “What accounts for the people’s uncanny interest in the scented candle business”? To get an answer I right away became a Scent-Sations distributor. [I have found joining a project to be the best way to infiltrate a company in order to get the inside scoop on what’s really happening “on the money side of the street”.]

To give you the highlights on Scent-Sations: The company is debt free. The partners are experienced in their respective fields. There is no sign up fee to register. If you join their “Candle of the Month” club they consider you an active distributor able to buy wholesale and be in the position to collect residual commissions for referrals. As of this writing, the cost for the “Candle of the Month” club is $39.95 plus S H; and sales tax for your state. For that sum you receive, one 16 ounce two wick jar candle, 12 votive candles, one bar of soap, that all agree with green, and a personal Scent-Sations web site. This seems very inexpensive as direct marketing commitments go.

The business has little if any product explanation necessary (just smell  amp; sell) as the basic business mantra. Many distributors market the candles at home parties but the distributors are allowed to use any legal method to market the candles except eBay. All of the distributors I spoke with maintain the company pays commissions as agreed.

And they say, “It’s a relative stress free way to create a stream of residual income”. I do not know how far I’ll personally take this project but it has become one of the projects I do recommend. Why? Simplicity.

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