Popular Sites for Personal Cloud Computing

What is Personal Cloud Computing?

Personal cloud computing is not much different than cloud computing for businesses. The only differences are the types of features that are available to the users. Below are some popular sites for personal cloud computing.

Google Apps

If you are familiar with Google Apps, then you undoubtedly know about Docs, Picasa, Sites, etc. They also have a paid version for schools, non-profits, and businesses.


Tonido is a robust personal cloud application that offers many features for personal cloud computing. Share large files, stream your music and videos, balance your checkbook, and more. You can access your files from any device that you own. Your data is stored locally with you, for optimal protection.

Customize your cloud center with the apps that you want or need and get rid of the rest. Tonido is Mac, PC, and Linux compatible.

Zumo Drive

Zumo Drive offers the same features as Tonido, only it was built specifically to sync between your mobile devices and your netbooks. You can import all of your music from iTunes to any device without having to download the songs. That will help you save hard disk space, especially on your iPhone or iTouch! Access any file from any of your devices without having to go through the painstaking process of downloading them first. Simply access them through your ZumoDrive app. ZumoDrive is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, Android, and Palm Pre.


Out of the several personal cloud computing programs that I looked at, icloud seems to offer the most features. It not only stores all file types, but will let you organize them in folders. If you do not find any applications that will fit a particular need that you have, you can develop them with the icloud API and IDE.

Create and share mp3 playlists from any computer and share them with your friends. Search, play, organize, and share your movies, YouTube clips, and photos. Listen to radio stations from all over the world.

You can chat with other icloud users through IM, MSN, or the forum either to visit or to get some help if you are stuck on how to use icloud.


These are a few of the personal cloud applications that you will find online. Find an application that best suits your needs, whether it is for personal use or to run your small business more efficiently.